We designed our platform to achieve one aim: our clients’ success. That’s why we’ve developed a real-time advertising trading platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers and a simple, effective way for publishers to make money.

Advertisers not only have maximum exposure but the right exposure. The traffic that runs through the Adcash platform is the cleanest in the industry. This attracts premium advertisers who run quality campaigns.

With precise targeting and an array of formats, we deliver those campaigns to the right user in the right format. Publishers can rest assured that the campaigns they display will engage users, not drive them away.

Publishers and advertisers alike benefit from our unique combination of industry know-how and advanced technology. So, how do we achieve our aim? We guarantee results. A bold claim for most, but not us.

History in the making

Want to know what Adcash has done for our customers? Here’s a comprehensive list of all the products, features and updates we’ve rolled out over the last year or so.

iOS Appwrapper

Giving our iOS app developers an easy monetization solution....

iOS & Android SDKs

Further simplifying the app monetization process for mobile developers....

New Adserver

Improved ad serving infrastructure, delivering better results for our advertisers and publishers. ...

Support Center

Giving all our customers easy access to the support and information they need....

Added Campaign History page for Advertisers

Added a campaign history view to the Advertiser Platform....

Conversion Tracking Pixel

Unity Mobile SDK

Allows easy app developers to easily monetize apps built using the Unity framework....

Adcash Advertiser Platform

Our all-in-one digital advertising solution....

Xamarin, Phonegap Plugins

Easy integration for apps built using the Xamarin and Phonegap frameworks....

Mobile SDK Revamp

Overhauled our SDKs, based on feedback provider by our customers....

In-App Publisher API

Seamless in-app monetization for app developers....

Cocos2dx Plugin

Simple integration for apps built using Cocos2dx...

Zone Blacklisting and Whitelisting

Easy-to-use optimization tools for our advertisers....

Adobe Air Plugin

Added support for the Adobe Air app development framework....

Connection Targeting

Easily reach users, based on how they’re connected to the internet....

Mobile Carrier Targeting

Developer Portal

Everything you need to monetize your mobile app, all in one place....

Publisher API

Web Browser Targeting

OS Targeting

Adcash Mobile App

JS Output for In-App Developers

City Targeting

Long Memory Prediction

Pop-Under v2

SDK 2.0

Verticals Overhaul

Cost Per Click Pricing Model

Server-to-Server In-App APU

JS Tags

Video Product

Inventory Forecast

Adblock Countermeasures

In-App SDK v2.1

Updated Fraud Detection Modeling

Custom URL for Publishers

User Interest Targeting

Recurring Payments

API Integration

VAST Tag Validator

Direct Link

Anti-Adblock Solution

Android SDK 2.2

iOS SDK 2.0

SDK Mediation

iOS SDK 2.2

Event Tracking

cocos2dx IOS Plugin

Recurring Payments


Rewarded Video

SDK 2.3

Native Ads



Payment in USD


Everything we do is driven by one, singular aim: your success.

Before we start anything, we ask ourselves: “Will this help our customers achieve their aims? Will it help them succeed”. This thinking sits at the very heart of what we strive to achieve as a company, guiding our decision making process every step of the way.

And because of the constantly shifting landscape in our industry, we recognize that people’s metrics and expectations of success change. This is important to us, because it means that we’re always learning, always improving with you, our customers.

Thomas Padovani


Who are we?

We’re based in Tallinn. The 200-strong team of people that makes up Adcash are all hyper-talented, creative individuals who are experts in their field.




“Adcash to me is a land of opportunities. It is an enterprise operating on the bleeding edge of technology, empowering ambitious people to redefine current market and technological boundaries. Supported by likemindedness and agility makes this a company of amazing potential.”

Agu Aarna

Infrastructure Team Manager

“In Adcash everyone has a chance to prove themselves, to drive and to lead and you will always find likeminded people to help you achieve your goal.”
Aleksandra Klentsistseva

IT Project Manager

“ We are always moving forward, constantly looking at how we can bring more performance, scalability and efficiency to the table, and that’s exciting!“

Christian Z. Andrew

Art Director

Who are our customers?

Like us, our customers are based all over the world. We work with business from a broad range of industries, all with different aims and objectives and we take pride in being able to cater to their needs and deliver the results they’re looking for. We working closely with our advertisers and publishers, forging strong, long-term partnerships.


Most Successful Company 2015

Aripaev Top 100

Most Competitive SME 2015

Enterprise Estonia

Innovator of the Year 2015

Enterprise Estonia

Most Competitive SME 2016

Enterprise Estonia

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