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Reach everyone, everywhere on any device

Digital advertising is much more than desktop. Thanks to our range of cross-device ad formats, you can reach people anywhere.

The Adcash Advertiser Platform is rolls everything into one, intuitive user interface. Create, launch and manage your desktop, mobile, in-app and video campaigns all from one platform.


Mobile Web



In-Stream Video

Awesomely powerful, super simple

Complex doesn’t have to be complicated

Our Advertiser Platform takes the hard work out of online advertising by making everything super simple, easy to understand and user-friendly. Creating, launching, monitoring and optimizing your campaign is a simple, effortless process.

Hyper-Granular Targeting Capabilities

Revolutionizing Relevance

Relevance is the key to securing a good return on your ad spend and our granular targeting options ensure that you’re able to reach the most relevant audiences with your digital advertising campaigns.

Online advertising targeting


Our geotargeting features allow you reach people by country, city, town and even parts of towns.


Language Targeting

Choose the language of the sites you want your campaign to be displayed on.


Keyword Targeting

Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords.

Interest Targeting

Target people based on their interests to ensure your campaign only reaches those who will engage with it.

Device Targeting

Choose from a comprehensive list of devices to reach with your campaign.

Browser Targeting

Choose from a range of the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and more.

OS Targeting

Target people using specific desktop and mobile operating systems.


Reach people who have already visited your site to get them to convert.

Advanced Optimization

Cutting-edge optimization technology

Our optimization algorithms deal with the bulk of the heavy lifting but, if you want to dive in and take control yourself, we offer a range of tools to do exactly that. We’ve put everything you need to optimize your ad campaigns within easy reach.

Frequency Capping

Avoid over-exposing your audience by not serving them your ad too often.

Weekly Distribution

Specify what days you want your campaign to run.

Bid Recommendation

Suggests the optimal bid, based on your campaign criteria.

Digital advertising optimization
Online advertising budget

Low Starting Budget

Launch your campaign from as little as $25

The Adcash Advertiser Platform is suitable for all budgets. From small businesses looking to promote their product or brand using digital advertising to large media agencies

USD or EUR accounts

Low starting budget

Real-Time Reporting

The right information, to make the right decisions

Get access to insights and statistics in real-time, allowing you to monitor your campaign performance and make informed decisions. Our clean, intuitive user interface makes finding all the information you need a breeze.

Real-Time Analytics

Custom, Scheduled Reports

Online advertising reporting
Online advertising payout


The pricing models to suit your campaigns

Different campaigns have different goals and we understand that. The Adcash Advertiser Platform offers a range of different models to match your campaign’s objectives, so you’re always getting the very best return on your investment.

Cost Per Click

Pay whenever a user clicks on your ad.

Cost Per Mille

Pay per 1000 ad impressions.

Cost Per View

Pay every time someone watches some, or all of your video ad.

Cost Per Action

Pay every time a user completes a specific action, such as an installation or purchase.

Cost Per Lead

Pay every time your campaign delivers a lead.

Convenient Payment Methods

No hassle payments

Adding funds to your account shouldn’t be difficult and, thanks to our range of convenient payment methods, topping up your advertiser wallet is an effortless process. Our auto-recurring payment options allow you to automatically add funds to your account, so you never need to worry about your campaigns getting paused because your budget ran out.

Wire Transfer

Auto Recurring Payments

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