2016 Adcash Most Competitive Company

Adcash IS the Most Competitive Company


This year, for the second year running, Adcash has won the award for The Most Competitive Small and Medium-sized Company .


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adcash tallinn

How an Estonian Startup Manages 100K Clients With Taskworld


Revolutionizing web ads is no easy business, but the Estonian tech company, Adcash, makes hockey-stick growth look easy.


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top mobile ad companies

Top Mobile Advertising Companies 2016


Mobile advertising has lead the digital ad market for a number of years and it continues to grow rapidly.


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thomas padovani

TOP100: vaata Eesti kõige edukamaid firmasid


Edetabeli esimeseks rühkinud internetis reklaamimüügilt teeniv, neli aastat tagasi Õismäe korteris asutatud ning esimesest päevast kasumis töötanud endine idufirma AdCash OÜ tegi oma võiduga ajalugu.


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adcash anti-adblock

The Adblocker Threat to Free Content


The free content that is quietly provided to us is not guaranteed. On the contrary, it is threatened by the unbridled use of adblockers.


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adcash self service

Adcash Advertiser Platform celebrates first anniversary


Adcash, the leading digital ad partner, is celebrating the first anniversary of their Advertiser Platform. Released in 2015, the Adcash Advertiser Platform has grown significantly, both in terms of users and features.


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Eesti idufirmad said 70 miljonit eurot


Eelmisel aastal investeeriti Eesti idufirmadesse kokku 70,4 miljonit eurot, mis on 2,3 korda rohkem kui 2013. aastal.


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Thomas Padovani

Konkurentsivõimelisim väike- ja keskettevõte on Adcash


Tänasel pidulikul auhinnagalal Eesti Parimad Ettevõtted 2015 pälvis konkurentsivõimelisima ettevõtte tiitli väike- ja keskettevõtete kategoorias Adcash OÜ.


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Estonian AdCash raises €20 million as their first investment


When we first discovered AdCash back in 2013, nobody knew the company but they were already doing €25 million turnover, doubling their turnover each year from six million in 2011 to twelve million in 2012.


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Thomas Padovani

Adcash – tiiger reklaamiturul


Prantslane Thomas Padovani on ehitanud üles konkurentsivõimelt teise IT-ettevõtte Eestis. Tänavu on käibeks prognoositud 40 miljonit eurot.


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Thomas Padovani

Adcash plaanib laieneda Aasiasse


Adcashi juht Thomas Padovani, kes kaasas eelmisel nädalal 20 miljoni euro eest ettevõtte osanike hulka Prantsusmaa investori Nixcap Partnersi, lubab laieneda Aasiasse.


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idufirma adcash

Tundmatud eestlased teenisid 25 miljonit eurot


Millisel Eesti idufirmal on 3000 maksvat klienti, mille müügitulu ületab sel aastal 25 miljonit eurot ning mis annab tööd 40 inimesele?.


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adcash mobile

adcash® Makes the Mobile Shift


One of the industry’s leading web display ad-networks adcash® went in-app and sees huge potential in the mobile ad market as mobile is still highly underused in advertisers’ marketing budgets.


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Press Releases

Adcash Declares War on Adblockers

TALLINN, Estonia, August 18, 2016

Adcash today unveiled the latest weapon in their arsenal against adblockers; the Adcash Anti-Adblock Solution, which was built by Adcash’s team of in-house developers to combat the growing adblock problem faced by ad networks.

The project has been in closed testing with select Adcash publishers for some months already and has yielded some very promising results. During this testing phase they have seen revenue increases in the order of 35%, on average.

An Internet Mafia

Adcash’s Anti-Adblocker Solution, the brainchild of Adcash CEO Thomas Padovani, represents a very different approach to adblockers, when compared to many ad networks. Thomas Padovani has strongly held feelings about this issue: “Over the past few years, the people behind adblockers having been passing themselves off as some sort of “crusaders of a better internet”. But they’re not. They’re running a mafia-style protection racket, demanding money from companies in order to be whitelisted.”

And these strongly held feelings are not without merit. Much of the data related to the scale of the adblock issue makes for some pretty gloomy reading for those in the digital advertising industry: in 2015 adblockers cost digital publishers an estimated $22 billion, by the end of this year that’s predicted to reach $41 billion.

Paid Whitelisting

With companies like Google and Microsoft paying staggering sums of money in order to be whitelisted, for a while it looked like only those with the very deepest of pockets would be able to combat adblocking software. But, through their new offering, Adcash has demonstrated that, with enough technology and motivation there are other ways to tackle the problem, head on.

In order to get access to the Adcash Anti-Adblocker Solution, you can register to become an Adcash publisher, here, and then speak with your dedicated account manager.

For further information or marketing enquiries, please contact [email protected]

Liis Ristal, Head of Marketing in Adcash. Phone +372-6346000 Email: [email protected]


Adcash Advertiser Platform Celebrates First Anniversary

TALLINN, Estonia, May 11, 2016

Adcash, the leading digital ad partner, is celebrating the first anniversary of their Advertiser Platform. Released in 2015, the Adcash Advertiser Platform has grown significantly, both in terms of users and features.

Before the Advertiser Platform, Adcash relied solely on a “dedicated account management system” meaning customers could not directly manage their own advertising campaign. Adcash built their Advertiser Platform to further expand an already sizeable customer base and make an even bigger impact in a market worth nearly $200 billion dollars annually. At the same time, giving their customers more flexibility and control over their advertising spend, at all times.

Over the past 12 months, Adcash have added features like enhanced geotargeting, allowing customers to reach very specific regions and areas, URL keyword targeting and optimization tools, like blacklisting and whitelisting. “The emphasis has always been on giving our customers the tools they need to succeed at digital marketing, regardless of their size or where they are in the world”, Adcash CEO, Thomas Padovani said.

“When we released our Advertiser Platform 12 months ago, we obviously had some idea of the direction and size of the market, but the growth of the product in just this short time has been outstanding”.

To celebrate this milestone, Adcash is offering all customers, new and existing heavily discounted CPC prices and a 75% reduction in the minimum campaign budget, meaning advertisers can launch a campaign for only EUR 25. But hurry: this offer is only available until May 16th. To learn more visit

Finally, coinciding with the Advertiser Platform’s 1st birthday, the Adcash homepage has also been given a complete overhaul, with a fresh new look and feel. It now has a much more dynamic, visually striking appearance making it easier for users to find what they need.

For further information or marketing enquiries, please contact: [email protected]


Adcash Awards press release


Adcash wins two awards in business competition


At the Enterprise Estonia gala dinner, Internet advertising company Adcash was awarded the title of Innovator of the Year. At the same gala dinner, Adcash was also awarded the title for the most competitive small and medium-sized enterprise. Adcash, which offers online and mobile advertising services in nearly 200 countries, won the Innovator of the Year title thanks to its self-service environment technology, which allows advertisers to find the most appropriate target audience from amongst many millions of web users.


The technology created by Adcash analyses users’ behaviour, ensuring that every advert is appropriate and valuable for both the advert’s viewer and the advertisers themselves. The award-winning self-service platform was developed by an in-house Adcash team which is comprised of IT specialists, programmers, engineers and many others primarily from Estonia, Bulgaria and France.


“For us, innovation isn’t an option but a real need, and we are really happy that we have created a competitive and innovative advertising platform here in Estonia. We hope that our activities will inspire other businesses to export their ideas. We and our entire team are delighted at this fantastic milestone and the recognition given to our company. For us, this is just the beginning!” said Adcash CEO, Thomas Padovani.


“The main purpose of advertising is to bring together two interested parties, the advertiser and the potential customer. To this end, we developed a self-service environment where you can accurately determine your target audience in order to make sure that your advert reaches the people who need to know. If an advert is interesting and has something to offer a person, then its display also benefits the advertiser. With our technology, advertising on the web is more effective and systematic that before, and also more cost-effective as a result,” added CEO Thomas Padovani.


The Adcash technology can be used by both small businesses that are just starting out as well as large, well-established, multinational corporations. “Even a small, local pizzeria can target advertising through our platform, very precisely and at predetermined times. For example, lunchtime offers can be scheduled to be shown to mobile users in the vicinity of the restaurant at around lunchtime to entice diners to come and eat pizza there. Of course, this approach requires a great deal of data processing and accurate programming, but it is possible,” said Padovani, explaining the basics of the advertising network.


Notes to media

About Adcash

Using Adcash’s solution, customers can advertise on more than 150 000 websites, reaching hundreds of millions of unique users. Adcash’s clients include both advertisers as well as websites and portals offering advertising space.

Adcash’s list of clients includes companies in France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, China, India and Estonia. Adcash’s clients are primarily large firms and international companies, and include globally recognised brands such as Alibaba, Ubisoft, EA Sports, William Hill, Bwin, Ladbrokes, and many others.

The Adcash headquarters are located in Tallinn, with branch offices in Sofia, Bulgaria; Queretaro, Mexico; Paris, France; and Barcelona, Spain. Adcash employs 90 people in Estonia alone, with a total workforce of 145 people.

For further information or marketing enquiries, please contact: [email protected]


Adcash Unveils Video Ad Platform

ADCASH announced that the latest addition to their product lineup is now available to all customers, new and existing. Adcash Video Ads integrates seamlessly with their existing Self-Service advertiser platform, making it incredibly easy to launch a video ad campaign and reach audiences in-stream, with in-app video ads just around the corner.


Video Advertising has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with 204.2 million digital video viewers and the U.S. alone last year and there are many indications that growth will continue.


Guillaume Fevrier, Head of Ad Operations at Adcash said: “We built Adcash Video Ads because we recognised that this area of the online advertising industry has awesome potential for our customers. We’re incredibly excited to be taking our first step in this new frontier of online marketing”.


The technology behind the Adcash Video Ads platform leverages a lot of the algorithms and ad optimisation systems already in use on their existing products, like in-app and display advertising. It also uses the IAB standard VAST tag, making it compatible with advertisers’ existing video advertising campaigns, right out of the box.


By combining the convenience of Self-Service, the reach of the Adcash network, in Europe and the rest of the world, and the power to engage audiences with video advertising, Adcash Video Ads promises to be a milestone development for the company.

Adcash unveils the addition to mobile product lineup: the Adcash app.

Adcash, the technology-driven advertising network, has unveiled the latest addition to its mobile product lineup: the Adcash app. The app brings the Adcash publisher and advertiser platforms to mobile devices, allowing customers to access and monitor their account all from the comfort of their mobile device.


Smart devices are becoming ever more affordable. There’s been talk for years of the world becoming “mobile” but we’re very close to that being a reality. Now, mobile devices outnumber people and more people are choosing mobile over PC as their daily driver. The trend is clear: everything points to mobile.


Mobile Future

“Currently, smartphone penetration in the US is at 77%. Adcash believes in a mobile future, which is why we decided to give our customers a dedicated mobile application” said Mihkel Reimand, Adcash Mobile Product Manager.


“Our app puts much of the functionality of our desktop platform into the palm of our customers hand, making it easy for them to manage their accounts on the go. It’s been designed and built with our customers at the forefront of our thinking Mihkel added.


Tipping the Balance

Talk of there being a “tipping point”, the point at which mobile becomes bigger than desktop, has been going on for a while. Well, it’s not coming, it’s already happened. Not only are there now more mobile users than desktop users globally, but more of those people are turning to mobile as their primary (and only) device.


App Features

The Adcash app allows customers to:


  • Monitor campaign performance.
  • Manage and add funds to your advertiser wallet.
  • Request a payment.
  • Setup and manage wallet alerts.


Adcash customers can download the app for iOS here and the Android version can be found here.


Notes to media

About Adcash


Using Adcash’s solution, customers can advertise on more than 150,000 websites, reaching hundreds of millions of unique users. Adcash’s clients include both advertisers as well as websites and portals offering advertising space.

The Adcash headquarters are located in Tallinn, with branch offices in Sofia, Bulgaria; Queretaro, Mexico; Paris, France; and Barcelona, Spain.

For further information or marketing enquiries, please contact: [email protected]


Adcash Media Assets

Adcash Media assets, like brochures and logos. If you have any queries about these assets or want to use them somewhere, (for example on your website or in some other promotional material), please contact the Adcash marketing team on [email protected] for more information.

Please note that unauthorized reuse, distribution or manipulation of any of these assets is strictly prohibited. For more information, please see our legal information here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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