Performance Marketing

Let’s face it, having two options is not a choice, it’s a dilemma. Why should you be forced to choose between CPM or CPC campaigns?

You’re right, You shouldn’t.

At Adcash, there is no either/or. When you work with our platform, you’ll have access to three additional payout options based on performance marketing…that makes FIVE. Why? It’s simple:

With options, you have choices. With choices, you have the edge.

You pay whenever a visitor clicks on your ad.

CPC ad campaigns are best suited to advertisers who want to drive users towards a landing page in order to capture leads and secure conversions.

You pay for every time your ad is viewed 1000 times.

CPM ad campaigns are great if your want to increase your brand’s visibility amongst your audience, keeping you “top of mind” with your potential customers.

You pay when your video ad is viewed in-stream.

This is specifically for our video ad formats.

You pay when a visitor completes a specific action, such as an installation or purchase.

This is best for advertisers who want to convert their audience immediately.

You pay when your campaign delivers leads.

This is best for advertisers who want to communicate with their audience over time.

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