Earn up to a 15% bonus from Adcash

While others are signing off for the holidays, you’re working: you deserve a reward. From 21.12.2016 to 01.01.2017, your CPM campaign ad spend will earn you rewards to spend.*

After the reward period, we’ll credit your account so you can buy even more ads…on us.

You have 12 days…so, don’t wait. Gather your desktop and mobile assets for your site-under campaigns, set-up recurring payments and maximize your rewards today.

Ad Spend Bonus
1,000€/$ 5 %
3,000€/$ 6 %
5,000€/$ 7 %
10,000€/$ 8 %
25,000€/$ 9 %
50,000€/$ 10 %
100,000€/$ 15 %

*Disclaimer: Applicable to accumulated ad spend for CPM desktop/mobile site-under campaigns from 21.12.2016 to 1.1.2017 for United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands. After the “build-up” phase, your advertiser account will be reviewed and credited the bonus correspondent to the level of ad spend you reached so long as the terms within this paragraph and our general Terms and Conditions are satisfied. The bonus itself is not cumulative, i.e. your bonus percentage is based upon the final level you reach, not every level you achieve during the build-up phase. Additionally, this bonus is only redeemable toward Adcash campaigns and holds no cash value.