We support both XML and JSON feeds.


Our XML feed supports all industry parameters.


We support OpenRTB v2.3 on demand and supply sides.


Banner, Site-under, In-app, Video, Native.

Integration is simple, we’re open

We support OpenRTB 2.3 (read documentation here)

Demand partner

We support XML and JSON feeds, provide your documentation and we’ll adapt to you.

Supply partners

Our XML feed supports all industry parameters:

  • seatid‘ – represents the publisher zone of the partner
  • currency‘ – ‘EUR’ or ‘USD’ (default value is ‘EUR’) *
  • domain‘ – the domain of the publisher where the ad will be shown +
  • referrer‘ or ‘url’ – the full referrer url (both parameters can be used to pass the referrer)+
  • ip – the ip of the user
  • ua – the user agent string of the user
  • sub_id or sub1 – ID of the placement, recommended (both parameters can be used to pass the sub)+
  • sub2 – Id of the sub of the placement if applicable *
  • keywords -| (pipe) separated string of keyword values *
  • lang – the Accept-Language header content
     +The request is not valid unless one of these fields is included.
     *optional values

You have requests? We’ll handle them

Billions. That’s how many we handle daily…from around the world.

Direct supply sources
and 50+ external partners

Direct demand sources
and 30+ external partners

“Real-time Bidding lowers your costs and enhances your reach, but only if your network holds the traffic to a high standard. At Adcash, it’s simple: every dollar you invest with us will earn maximum ROI. Let’s talk about simplicity.”

Allan Gery
RTB Account Manager

Adcash and your DSP / SSP: a winning combination.

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