Cross devices

Desktop, mobile, in-app. No matter where your traffic, Adcash is there.

Name your target

Keyword, geo, user interest, IP, retargeting…target what you want.

Track everything

You need more information than conversions. You can track every event in your conversion pipeline.


Begin on your terms

No fees and a low starting budget mean you can create your account and start when you’re ready.

The best part? These are only a handful of our platform’s highlights.

Create your self-serve account today and reach your customers wherever they are, whenever you want.

Choose your platform

You’ve heard it: mobile-first, mobile-only. The truth is that your customers are accessing their digital content across platforms. You need a network where you can run integrated campaigns that reach your audience at the right time, at the right place. That’s Adcash.


  • Desktop, mobile and in-app. Wherever they are, we have the traffic.
  • Static, user interest, video. Our traffic, your campaign: choose how you want to reach them.
self-service ad platform

Target your audience

For impactful messaging, your campaigns need to be tailored. But if you can’t access the audience you’ve tailored your campaign for, you may as well leave your campaigns up to guesswork. Remove the guesswork and let us help you find who you’re looking for.


  • Geotargeting. Whether your audience is global or local, we’ll get your campaign to them. All you need to know is where they are.
  • User interest. If they’re not interested, no amount of messaging will make them convert. Target only those who are interested and watch your conversions grow.
  • Keyword. The content your audience consume will contain specific keywords. Find out what they are and we’ll target the sites that contain them.
  • Device, browser and OS. If you have an offer for Samsung, why reach out to HTC users? That’s only one consideration: maybe your audience is likely to use specific technology…
self-serve ad network

Track your performance

You’ve selected your platform and targeted your audience, now you need to know where your audience is zigging and zagging. Without performance tracking, you may zig when you should’ve zagged.


  • Choose one solution. Third-party solutions are great but add complexity. Your ad network should allow you to track every event within its platform.
  • Choose your method. Pixel or server-based, campaign or global; Adcash can meet your integration needs.
  • Choose your events. The path to purchase is no longer sequential, but dynamic. Know where they’re entering, exiting and converting.
self-service advertising platform

Get your reports

Daily spending, impressions, clicks, conversions are your bread and butter. Drill down further and compare campaigns, geos, events: you name it, we have the information. Reporting…not the sexiest term in ad tech, but it’s imperative.

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