Adcash Success Story: Easyvoyage

Adcash surpassed expectations, tripling Easyvoyage’s conversion rate and lowering their CPA by almost 100%.


Easyvoyage is an independent portal offering travel services and info. They provide up-to-date content, quality promotions, comparison search engines, travel news updates and more.

The travel industry is a highly competitive market and Easyvoyage needed to drive conversions and new customer acquisition by getting the right offers in front of the right travelers. They also needed an experienced ad-network, capable of delivering a high volume of results throughout the year, especially during peak holiday seasons.


Adcash provided great exposure and intelligent predictive optimization during the campaign, combining our smart ad technology and global reach.

What we did for Easyvoyage

  • A dedicated team of optimization experts worked constantly, ensuring the campaign’s tracking and creatives were attracting new inquiries.
  • Manual and algorithmic optimization of traffic sources, improving the quality of registrations.


Thanks to our smart ad tech and manual optimization by experienced account managers, we delivered great results:

  • Our smart optimization increased the conversion rate by 300% during the campaign period.
  • Conversions increased by 395%, from 6,834 in the first month to an astonishing 27,025 by the end of the first campaign.

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