Adcash Success Story: Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Online is an Ubisoft F2P (Free to Play) multiplayer shooter game where the player is a Special Forces soldier, enrolled in tactical and classified operations taking place around the world.

The game was in open beta when we launched the campaign in March 2013. Players also had the opportunity to purchase weapons, gear, abilities, and aesthetic elements.


The objective of the campaign was to drive top quality registrations for the NEW version of the game in France.

The challenge was to launch a campaign for the new version of the saga and provide a new generation of players for a completely fresh perspective of the game.

This was Ubisoft’s first AAA F2P title when, at the time, the market consisted of mostly mediocre F2Ps.

Ubisoft was not well positioned on the online market with no existing player base to target, nor a great experience in terms of acquisition.

Ghost Recon is a tactical third person shooter game, rather than a mainstream “run & gun” title (such as Call of Duty).



Tailored approach to meet Ubisoft’s need for a high volume of new registered players by implementing a campaign balanced between branding and direct response.

More than 20 engaging ad formats were created to provide maximum visibility within the adcash® network.

Several landing pages were carefully selected to boost registrations.

Guaranteed CPM was offered to top publishers to get the best banner spots for Ghost Recon on their websites (especially background format).

Our tracking solution was implemented to give Ubisoft a real-time overview of the campaign statistics and registrations via our advertisers’ portal.



Thanks to the combination of our smart ad technology and manual optimization by experienced account managers, we exceeded all expectations and delivered 36,000 registered users at lower cost than expected.

  • Clicks increased by 225%
  • Registrations by 377%
  • CTR by 219%
  • Google search volume increased by 60%


Adcash provided Ubisoft constant optimization during the campaign to maximize conversions and improve cost effectiveness:

  • Conversion rate improved by 47%
  • Cost per acquisition decreased by 12% (for considerably higher volumes)

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