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Predictive Algorithms

The Adcash AdApt engine uses bleeding-edge algorithms to ensure maximum relevance. By analysing a wealth of historical data, in real-time, it’s able to make sure that the right ad appears, in an instant. The same functionality powers our Reach Estimate functionality, so advertisers can gauge the reach of their campaign, before launching.

Real-time optimization


Reach estimation


Adblock Prevention

Ad blocking software is becoming more and more widespread, with 1 in 10 ads blocked in the US and 1 in 4 in France and Germany, leading to lost revenues for publishers. Thanks to the AdApt engines adblock prevention systems, publishers are able to serve ads, even when ad blocking is enabled.

 Fraud Detection

Our in-house fraud detection system uses the latest in machine learning technology to pick up patterns of suspicious behaviour on our network, allowing our anti-fraud team to quickly and effectively put a stop to fraudulent activity, should it occur.

Malware Detection

Malware and malvertising threats are constantly evolving, but the Adcash AdApt engine helps keep us one step ahead. If malware is detected in a campaign creative during or after the review process, the system alerts our team of specialists and removes the problem from our network.

Adcash is programmatic

Whether you are using an XML or JSON feed, the Adcash network is open to DSPs and SSPs.

Learn more here or contact us to integrate with our network today!

Hyper-Granular Targeting

Powerful targeting options make reaching ultra-relevant audiences not just possible, but elegant and simple. Want to reach people in a specific part of town, using a specific device? The Adcash AdApt engine makes it happen.

Device Fingerprinting

Track and engage remote device users, thanks to AdApt’s Device Fingerprinting capabilities. Even if a user has cookies disabled, Device Fingerprinting allows us to gather valuable information so advertisers are still able to target specific devices.

“Our digital advertising technology…

…is all about giving our customers simple, highly effective products to suit their needs. At its heart, there are incredibly complex algorithms and machine-learning systems analyzing vast amounts of data every second. We ensure that this translates to power and flexibility, by keeping the complex stuff in the background and packaging it up in an elegant, easy to use set of tools.”

Herve Lacourt

VP of Engineering

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