In-Stream Video Advertising

The Adcash video ad platform has been built using the cutting edge technology supporting recognized industry standards, giving you the transparency and control you demand. Monetize your video content, with in-stream ads from premium brands. Show ads before, during and after your videos and earn more money, through CPM or CPV payment models and maximize your revenue.

Why choose Adcash video?

Premium brands

We’ve been doing this for nearly a decade and in that time we’ve built up a vast network of top quality advertisers, especially in video-centric areas, such a gaming, entertainment and media. We know that you demand only the best video ads from the best advertisers. We give you that.

Great rates

Our experience means that we know and understand what you expect from your monetization partner. We offer some of the best rates on the market, through our CPM and CPV payments models. Choose to get paid by virtually any payment method you can think of, quickly and conveniently. All of this is backed up by a dedicated, multilingual team of experts, on hand to ensure your success.

Transparency through technology

The Adcash Video ad platform has been built by us, from the ground up, using bleeding edge technology. We’ve combined our existing, innovative algorithms with industry standards, such as VAST to exceed even the most demanding expectations. By using our own platform, completely built in house, we’re able to ensure the control and transparency that you need.

It’s your call

We give you the flexibility you demand – choose whether you want your in-stream ads to appear pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll to keep your viewers happy and your revenue growing. But that’s not all: we’re working on even more video formats, giving you new and creative ways to monetize your video content.


…and it’s going to get even bigger. In 2015, online video ad spending reached over 15 billion USD, globally. That figure is only going to grow; 2016 will likely reach over 20 billion USD. So, now’s the time to choose your partner and make the most of this incredibly lucrative new frontier in online advertising.”

Tarmo Tammel

Head of Publishers

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